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Bose Lanyard Charging Cables

When only the Best will do for sound, the Best called us for production! A call for 3000 lanyard charging cables needed for an upcoming European event came over the wireless and ITG answered! A Lanyard Charging Cable that charges both Android and iPhone smart phones AND transfers data seemed too good to be true but the Boss had spoken and it was music to our ears! The Lanyards were produced to perfection, shipped in record time and lucky Europeans are connected and listening in…..

Lego Man Power Bank

When an elementary school needed the perfect gift for their teachers, with no time to lose, our client put ITG to the test!  Following a class theme, a character was chosen, ideas exchanged, renderings were approved……and a custom designed power bank was born!  (or rather… created). The power banks arrived on time, the teachers were gifted and the students were proud!

For your next class project, team up with ITG to get the “A”.

Restaurant Carry Out Bag

When a growing Pizza franchise needed 13,000 carryout bags to keep up with the supply and demand of their now famous, farm to table pizza, ITG took on the cheesy challenge!
Design considerations such as bag size and weight (sufficient to hold enough pizza for family and friends) comfortable handles that looked cool too, and just the right artwork to convey their message were all resolved, and ITG delivered just in time……. and saved our client a lot of dough!

Laminated Tote Bag

A well-known health organization needed 60,000 pcs of a laminated Tote Bag for their patients. They needed low prices, high quality and fast shipping.  ITG to the rescue!

We negotiated with the right factory to get the right price for the client, upgraded the bags with extra reinforcement for added quality (without added cost) and delivered all 60,000 pcs within 30 days! Needless to say, the happy client was breathing easy!

To breathe new life into your sales and “thrive”, consider ITG for custom OEM creations and sourcing of hard to find products. We’ll do the work to get you what you need, when you need it!

Custom Charity Night Light

Our client wanted to create something special for a charity event called “Light the Night” for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Our challenge was to create something on a budget, make it embody the message of the charity’s fight against cancer, and get 5000 pcs there ASAP!

ITG custom created an LED night light, shipped them in a specially designed gift box at the speed of light and delivered them in time for the event. The happy client has since re-ordered this successful product!

ITG is proud to be a part of something that, for a great cause, truly does light the night!

Custom Knitted Jacquard Scarf

After much success with our Charity Night Light for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the client needed to come up with something new for their winter campaign that offered a large imprint area, and was as warming as their message.

A cozy, Jacquard Knitted Scarf was the perfect solution!

Quality, budget concerns and strict design guidelines resulted in many creative, brainstorming sessions, but all concerns were satisfied once the sample was received. An original order of 6000 pcs was increased to 9000 pcs and all were delivered in time.

So with our very satisfied client and their warm and cozy clients….its a wrap!

Custom Inflatable Toy Spear

When the world’s hottest gaming company needed 15,000 pieces of a cool giveaway item at E3 in the LA Convention Center, they called on ITG to bring fantasy into reality. With just a concept drawing of a weapon used in their featured game, ITG brought that virtual spear to life and in brilliant color!

The challenge:

  • Create an inflatable spear that will display the integrity of the artwork from original size to inflated size…..
  • Find the right reinforced material that is lightweight yet sturdy enough to retain its shape when inflated to 3 feet and used in mock warrior battles…..
  • Make it safe for children but rugged looking enough to appeal to gamers of all ages…..

Oh, and don’t forget the budget and delivery time!

The end result? An amazing product that delighted warrior gamers from around the world!

To win the battle with awesome weapons like product creation, quality and delivery, arm yourself with ITG!

Drawstring Backpacks

When a youth camp needed 14,500 drawstring bags, ITG stepped up to the plate! We addressed any possible concerns of imprint consistency and fabric quality with spec samples, randomly selected production line testing for imprint quality control, and reinforced fabric sewn in to ensure that these drawstring bags would hold all the needed camping essentials.

One more challenge loomed on the horizon: Deliver the entire order on time through congested holiday traffic! When pre-arranged ground shipping wasn’t going to make it, we air shipped them and got them there on time! Our happy clients were happy campers too!

Micro Fiber Rally Towel

When a beloved baseball team needed 20,000 pcs of something to show their team spirit, ITG brought it home!

A brilliant, full color Micro Fiber Rally Towel was created. The curve ball? Don’t break the budget, make sure the imprint was consistent on every piece and get all 20,000 pcs there in time for the game!

We made sure the imprint and fabric quality was there on every towel, for every devoted fan, and after doing a bit of rallying ourselves, we were able to deliver the entire order on budget and on time! A home run for Ole Miss and ITG!