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Merrow (Overlock)

A merrow border wraps around the edge of the emblem, to protect the fabric background and create a finished piping effect. Merrow Borders are used whenever possible, on squares, circles, triangles and most other shapes, but cannot be used on shapes with sharp inside angles.


Hot Knife (Heat cut, Laser cut)

A hot knife border is used when an intricate shape does not allow the use of a merrow border. The fabric outside the border is melted to the border, creating a clean, wax-like seal on the fabric’s edge.

While one thread cannot diffuse into another, as is possible with ink, we can combine fill and running stitches to represent the color blending of sunsets and light bursts.

Arcs and rockers are emblems designed to fit above (arc) or below (rocker) a primary shoulder emblem. Typically, they designate a job accreditation or title. The color of the letter, border and background frequently match the primary emblem.

Fill Stitch – A fill stitch is a simple or complex stitch pattern used to cover large areas. Fill patterns can add artistic touches to your emblem by altering the angle, length and repeat sequence of the stitching.

Steil Stitch (Satin Stitch) – Steil stitch is a side-to-side sewing action to create a longer, wider stitch. Often used for lettering and inner borders. A Steil stitch is usually 1/16″ TO 3/16″ wide.

Running Stitch – A running stitch is a series of single or double stitches forming a line primarily used for thin outlines and details. When lack of space prevents quality steil lettering, running stitches can be used for representational lettering.

Use the guides below to gauge the percentage coverage of emblem.

Choose your twill color/s from the chart below (Click to enlarge)

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Choose your backing from the options below Heat-seal (Iron -on), Stick-on, Plastic or Velcro (Click to enlarge)

All shapes shown below can be enlarged or reduced to any size. Please feel free to use any shape in any position you like: right side up, sideways, upside down etc. If you don’t see a shape you like, you can design your own and submit via the upload button.

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